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Education Sessions
Tuesday, October 18

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Keynote Speaker

Roadside Revival

Stephanie Stuckey, CEO, Stuckey's

10:30AM CT – 11:15AM CT

If you went on road trips in the old, pre-interstate South, you’ve probably been to a Stuckey’s.

Sylvester Stuckey started with a pecan stand in Eastman, Georgia, in 1937, and turned it into a chain with nearly 400 stores in 30 states. Stuckey's was known for deliberately kitschy souvenirs, clean restrooms, and its famous pecan log rolls.

But in the late ‘70s, after the family sold the chain and it went through a couple of corporate mergers, Stuckey’s started to dwindle. As of a couple of years ago, it was down to barely a dozen stores.

Then Stephanie Stuckey, Sylvester’s granddaughter, stepped in. Two and a half years ago, she set aside a career as a lawyer and former state legislator to buy her family’s old company back.

Join this keynote presentation to hear about the importance of branding (including personal branding!), taking risks, and being persistent about making a comeback.  


The Coming Recession (?)

Garrick Brown, Retail Economist and Economic Forecaster

1:30PM CT – 2:15PM CT

With the Federal Reserve aggressively raising interest rates in a bid to tame out of control inflation, the big economic question is whether they can engineer a soft landing and return to growth or if a downturn is now an inevitability. Certainly, the pain of inflation has many consumers feeling like we are already in a recession. Yet, unemployment remains near historic lows (and job openings near record highs) and a slew of other economic indicators paint an entirely different picture. The fact is there are multiple potential scenarios that could play out in 2023. In this critically important and timely session, real estate analyst and economist Garrick Brown will break down the latest data and the potential outcomes that are likely to play out from the worst- and best-case scenarios, what will drive them, and how to respond. 

Wednesday, October 19

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Keynote Speaker

Greatness Grows Best in The Shadows: A Story of Perseverance and Hope

Justin Forsett, NFL Pro Bowler, Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, Philanthropist, and Family Man

8:00AM CT – 9:00AM CT

You’ve heard the expression, “It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count; it’s how many times you get back up.” Now imagine getting “knocked down,” or in this case, fired, eight times in nine years…AND STILL coming out on the VERY TOP of your game. Justin Forsett is a product of persistence. “Undersized and overmatched,” Justin went from poverty to peak performance through hard work, grit, perseverance, and hope. In his riveting presentation, you’ll learn the tools you need to not only overcome just about any obstacle, but also thrive through it and come out a winner.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn tangible steps and actions to excel in the midst of adversity.

  2. Gain an understanding of how to persevere and thrive through disappointments.

  3. Take away a new sense of hope, focus, and determination to grow greatness.

ConnexFM Around-The-Horn Roundtables

Members from the Canadian, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Technology, and Retail Councils

10:30AM CT – 11:15AM CT

Come be a part of these around-the-horn roundtables discussing current challenges and solutions facility managers are facing within the different sectors of the facilities management industry.

Topic: Challenges, Solutions, & Trends in the Facilities Management Ecosystem

Purpose: This learning opportunity will define current challenges, solutions, and trends facility managers are experiencing in their daily and strategic operations. 

Benefit: Learn best practices, new ideas, and new solutions from your industry peers.

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