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Call for Tech Presentations: Elevating FM Technology

Be a ConnexFM Thought Leader...
Deadline to Submit is June 30, 2023

Mid-Year Conference 2023 Submission Review and Selection Process

The selection process involves a review of every complete presentation submitted prior to the deadline. Completed submissions include content leader (speaker) profiles (i.e. bio, photo, credentials, references) for each session content leader, session descriptions, and actionable learning objectives.

All presentations are selected based on the information submitted. Those submitting are expected to follow all instructions carefully and provide all requested information. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Proper grammar, punctuation, etc., is also looked at during this process.

Typically, more presentation are submitted than can be accepted. The ConnexFM Technology Council will be reviewing all complete submissions and selecting presentations that best fit technology content objectives.

ConnexFM educational experiences have a non-commercialization policy. All submissions should focus on a clearly defined problem (or opportunity) and a description or demonstration of how technology helps to solve the problem. Educational experiences are not an opportunity to promote a brand or sell a product or service.

Submission Instructions

Complete the ConnexFM Mid-Year Conference Call for Tech Presentations Application and submit all ideas before the deadline. Be prepared to include all session information and a photo of yourself.

Content Topic Areas

  • How Digital Twins Apply to Facilities Management: Content geared towards virtual replicas of physical objects, systems and processes that allow real-time monitoring and analysis of data. Content details could include how these models are transforming the facilities management industry by refining operations, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs, among other benefits.

  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Content providing views and insights into technology that enables building systems to automatically collect and analyze data to predict outcomes from experience without being explicitly programmed.

  • Automated, Integrated, and Connected Technologies: Content focused on understanding the importance of connectivity amongst the many different technology and data platforms allowing facility managers to make adjustments faster and make better-informed decisions. 

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Content designed to expand and strengthen one’s understanding of how VR and AR tools can assist with making facility management faster, more efficient, and more precise. Content could also focus on visualizing equipment, seeing components behind walls, ceilings, floors, and understanding high risk areas that may contain high voltage, hot surfaces, high speed machinery, and hazardous conditions. 

  • Strategic Space Planning Tools: Content designed to expand and strengthen one’s understanding of how space planning tools can assist with adjusting spaces for safety, security, future forecast needs, properly allocated resources, and/or planning for specific scenarios. 

  • Sustainability and Risk Management Technologies: Content curated around solutions that support facilities minimizing their carbon footprint. Content design could include case study solutions that measure progress in key areas, track and manage energy utilization, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Session Delivery Formats

These sessions will be delivered onsite, in-person, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center, on the show floor.

  • Presentation: Must be designed to include 40-45 minutes of presentation content with key tips, solutions, and takeaways + 15-20 Minutes of Discussion and Q&A.

  • TechTalks: A 20-minute fast paced short and powerful use case presentation.

  • DEMO Lab Experience: A 30-minute live demonstration experience allowing attendees the opportunity to touch, feel, and understand different technologies and how they operate.

Additional Resources

Selection Criteria

Target Audience


Learning Level Definitions

Deadline to submit is June 30, 2023

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